The Questions from: Renegade

I am a reader. I can read for hours. Lately, I have been reading a lot of Christian Living books. I just finished Vince Antonucci’s–  Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant to be Safe. Tucked away towards the back of the books are the following questions. I hope they will bring you clarity with where you are and what you want to be doing with your life in the coming future.

Until next time,
Blessings~ Kate

1) What would you do for God if resources were not an issue and you knew you could not fail?

2) How would you live if you really believed your life had super natural power behind it?

3)What is the boldest thing you can imagine doing in this area of your life?

4) What about your life is inexplicable without knowing that you live for Jesus and have the Holy Spirit empowering you?

5) What in this plan cannot happen unless God is in it?