I Chose to be Offended

What? Who would choose to be offended? Everyone.

We pick and choose what our values and beliefs are. Then when someone violates our values and beliefs, we get offended. But a huge part of being offended is our interpretation of what is happening, at the moment, when we get upset. I have noticed it is usually due to a thought I am having that sends me down the road of discontent.

Today for example my son was calling me a liar. I said I had been up in the middle of the night (which I usually am for several hours). He knows this is how I do life. But he kept saying “why are you lying? Let it go, you were not.” He said this dead pan like he was a tad irritated. (My thoughts were that he was arguing and being disrespectful) I bit right into it. I started getting defensive and upset = offended. Offended that he wasn’t believing me. Offended that he wasn’t respecting me.

Then the thought ran through my mind. It was a tiny quiet voice. It said “maybe he doesn’t just “appreciate” a dry sense of humor…maybe he has one —and I have been taking it wrong and creating fights unknowingly by being offended and replying out of that mind set.

So, I chose to play along with him. And we laughed. It could have gone a whole different way—and it has many times in the past.

I read a blog today right after that incident. The blog is from Kent A and can be found here: (Read about the willingness to change by Kent A.)

While it was not about being offended, it was about the willingness to change. Because of it I came to a New Year’s Resolution for 2019. For this upcoming year (starting now) when I am not at peace, whether offended or some other feeling, I am going to ask myself if the situation and/ or person could be seen another way. Perhaps there is a neutral or even positive take on what is occurring. I know this is not always going to be true. But if I can save even several instances of not being content—I’ll take it.

For now- on out- I will realize my offense is probably due to a thought running through my head. It is my choice to run with my impression or step back and choose a different approach. Wish me luck.

Until next time,
Blessings~ Kate