Overcoming Anxiousness

Guest post by Paul Balius

He Has You

In my life I had grown into a person filled with anxiousness. My worries grew in my mind to where the anxiousness of what might happen was as bad or worse than what often did happen. Anxiousness ruled me and was ruining me. Not even the science of man could help me.

I believe anxiousness is so pervasive across humanity, that not one soul is alive who is not affected by it. Consider what is making you anxious at this very moment. We have become a people consumed by our anxieties. We worry ourselves to death, literally.

I want you to know, there is a cure for anxiousness. That cure is not found in medicine but by the healing powers of heaven. You may need natural medicine for a time, and you get those as needed, but never substitute entirely the devices of man for the power of God. Seekā€¦

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