To Post or Not to Post

I have some anxiety about writing– especially when I do not feel passionate about the subject. I can write a paragraph over and over and then give up. When I get a flame inside about the direction of an article then I stay engaged with it. I may let it sit a day or two before I post so that I can revisit it with a fresh take on things and make edits as needed. But I have been reading on “How to Blog” sites that I should just write and post and let my voice and style (and skills) develop, as they will, over time. The sites say if I wait for perfection or passion I may delay too long in between posts which would be bad for growing an audience.

Sure I would like an audience…who wouldn’t. In fact I want to eventually focus solely on lifting the spirits of the worn out and weary. That implies the worn out and weary are in the audience.

I think I am approaching the writing too much like turning in an assignment at school or writing a sermon. I want it to have a certain feel to it.

SO that is my question. Do I write frequently and let the quality develop over time naturally? OR  Do I write less frequently and work harder on each post before posting it?

What do you think?

Until Next time~
Blessings, Kate
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