Are You Blocking God’s Grace?

This past weekend I went on a retreat called “The Walk To Emmaus”.

It is not a physical walk, but rather a spiritual walk with Christ as a believer. It was a wonderful time with 30 or so other pilgrims ladies. We were shown love 24 hours a day through insightful talks, volunteers serving us, amusing entertainment at a banquet and all kinds of goodies streaming in 18 hours a day.

My A-HA moment was the realization that I am still blocking Christ’s grace.

I am doing this by:

  • Walling off my emotions
  • Keeping others at a distance so they do not get too close
  • Controlling my time so rigidly I can’t be lead into new opportunities by God
  • Limiting the ways and extent to which God can and might use me

I was also given a glimpse of how each of these is affecting my life. And I do not want it to be this way anymore.

I pledge to consciously STOP IT NOW when I start to do these things. Because I want a better or fulfilling life.

Are you blocking Christ’s grace?
Think about it and share your thoughts below.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash