Get Rid of Toxic People!

I know you feel defeated, but life is still going on and therefore there is still time for change. Are you surrounded by negative people talking behind your back or gossiping about others? DROP THEM like their hot.

There is NO good that comes from keeping company with negative people. So, you think you will be lonely—you might be. But there are solutions to loneliness. Join a club, join a 12-step group, join another kind of support group, attend a small group or Sunday School class at a church. In these groups you will build friendships and experience acceptance. If you are too shy, then go online and start communicating with people in forums and online chats. Interact with other people’s blogs and get to know them personally.

What about your past? “What if new people don’t accept me?”
Yeah—I get you on that one. I have an ugly past too. No really, I do!
I spent over 20, of my 50, years away from God. During that time, I did ALMOST everything you can think of that people call sin and living immoral. So, have I got a past? —yep. I am not proud of it, but today I know I am 110% forgiven. I have worked hard to set things straight and to rebuild my life— so can you!!!

It starts with one small decision to do the right thing. Then give yourself credit for it and be proud. The rest of the world is not going to clap for you just because you did the right thing that is already expected of you. But YOU can clap for yourself. You alone know how hard doing the right thing (finally) is. Its one decision at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time. Sometimes we must be our own cheerleader for quite a while before others join in with us. But they will start to respect us as we grow. Two things happen when we make good choices:
1) we start to respect ourselves and feel good enough to hang around a better group of people…and
2) respectable people start to respect us and want to hang out with us.

There is NO good reason to keep interacting with negative people as your main source of companionship.

Length of time and being “used to them” is NO excuse either.
Let’s say, you live without electricity. You’ve had to for years. You get up with the sun and use candles at night and in the darkness of storms. You eat bread, dry cereal, and fruit from cans. You charge your phone at the local library. You open windows for cooler air in summer if that is even possible… and cover the windows in winter. True—it sucks…. But Heyyou’ve been doing it a long time and you are used to it.

Are you trying to tell me you wouldn’t jump at the chance to have electricity if it was provided for you? Of course, you would!

No matter how long you have tolerated negative people and situations – if you have the choice and chance to change that for the better—why wouldn’t you?! So get to it!!

If you think you do have a great reason to stay intertwined with negative people as your main companionship….I’d love to hear your reason. Comment below. I truly want to understand.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate