Fun Halloween historical events

Mitch Teemley

Did you know that Halloween has served as the occasion for many historical events?


  • 1517. On October 31 a soon-to-be-ex-priest named Martin Luther launched (cue “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”) the Protestant Reformation.
  • In 1636, just in time for All Hallows Eve, a little seminary for poor ministers called the New College opened in Massachusetts. It later changed its name to (cue expensive music) Harvard University.
  • In 1838, the day before Halloween, Oberlin College became the first in the U.S. to admit female students (cue Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”), introducing the wonderful, and some thought scary, concept of coeducation.
  • In 1846 a group of pioneers set out on the arduous trek to California. They came to be known as (cue creepy music) the Donner Party.martian-alien-face-drawing
  • 1919. Prohibition went into effect on October 28, and people refrained. But three days later, on Halloween, they broke out the booze. Prohibition wildly increased organized crime and (cue tommy…

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