Our Worth…am I worthy of…

Our worth: are we worthy? By whom? Does it differ based on culture and status, and even religion? Why does it even matter?

I’d like to answer the last question first.

It matters because in every country around this globe there are billions of people who just want to matter.

A feeling of WORTH is everyone’s need.

Even those who say they don’t care…they are trying to stand out by that stance…standing out gets attention in some way (positive or negative) and attention means someone is taking notice.

The  truth is no one wants to be invisibleexcept
who have been hurt.They want the world and all the people to just leave them alone. But I suspect that even they would appreciate a truly nice person to share a cup of coffee with if there were no strings or requirements.

Beyond that: are people who are SOOOOO wounded and scarred that if they had felt worthy—ever—they would not change that feeling for the world.
Worthy of what Kate?

Some people want to feel worthy of promotion, of a life partner, of their parents approval, of awards, of attention, of fame, of success, of notice and mention…..anything to say not just “I feel special today” but “I am worthy of this life I live”.

For Christians there are several examples of WORTHY people in the Bible:

Job  (who held out)
Then there are those that we say…why did God use them? They were totally unworthy.
Saul/ Paul

Actually forget the list and the breakdown.

Upon my study of the Word of God one thing I found out is that Romans 3:10  …10 as it is written: None is righteous, no, not one

Synonyms for righteous include “worthy”  and many other words.

The point is that no one is worthy especially in society’s eyes.
We WORK so hard to be loved and have acceptance.

One of the things I will never forget (regardless where life may take me) is the acceptance from the members and clergy of First United Methodist Church In (insert my current town) KY.

I came in a practicing alcoholic living in a domestically violent situation. I had been away from the church and being in ministry for 14 LONG MISERABLE years. But this church opened its arms to me. Welcomed me to be involved.

And didn’t start by telling me anything about cleaning up my life. They made me feel worthy of God’s love, as I was, no questions asked. They even made sure I knew EACH OF THEM    (individually)    loved me no questions asked.

I felt worthy.

I felt worthy to live/ worthy to attend/ worthy to breathe/ to exist/ to cry/ to hope/ and (in my own heart) I felt I was worthy and could live a life with happiness, and joy, forgiveness, love from God.

I could exist and be me and still be worthy.

If you have never been so far lowyou may not know what it is like to – not feel worthy to breathe. To not feel worthy to exist. To feel like someone got it wrong and” I am sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you”, “I am sorry I showed up in life”.

That is mine

I did not look that up.

Those are familiar thoughts that I have had repeatedly over 50 years

AND  I KNOW I am not alone. You may not be there now but there is some part of you that crossed into those thoughts at least once in your life.

Well guess what— none of our BIG Bible heroes felt that they measured up either

and even if we do not know their thoughts…

there are some we can be sure were looked down on despite being used and being mentioned by God.

Tomorrow we will look at how the CHRISTIAN   “Bible Heroes”  and their perceived worthiness by us and how they viewed their calling.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate