Who do “they” say you are?

Who do you say I am? That question was from Jesus, but we may want to use it ourselves to discern what our lives are reflecting to others.

When people see what you and I have in Jesus, they should want what we have.

We should look different than everybody else. God has always wanted his believers to look different. Remember all those laws in Leviticus? They were for the purpose of separating God’s faithful so that there would be no question to outsiders which people belonged to Yahweh.

God still wants us to be different. Our love and care and obedience to the will of God should make us stand out in a sea of non-believers. And if we do not stand out—why would anyone follow our God.

They need to see our lives to be able to tell that we are different. We can be a beacon to the world lost at sea. Our lives should stir something in others that cause them to want to know more about our lives and what makes us stand out—Our relationship with God. Our lives are the introduction to the first conversation with someone about faith.

We have help with this. We have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit who fills us so full of God’s love that it should pour out of us and into the lives of others.

Self-evaluation can be tricky. Sometimes it is hard for us to get an accurate reading on the impressions we give to others. It sometimes takes an outsider to accurately describe how we come off to others. We can pray to God and ask Him to send us feedback in the form of another loving Christian that can speak honestly with us. If we are bold enough to hear some honesty we can ask a close friend or a family member. Ask someone who will be honest and real with you…not someone who will sugar coat their words and tell you just what they think you want to hear. No growth comes from that.

Right now it is 12:09 am. I am sitting in my Church’s Multi- Ministry Center. I am taking a shift staying awake while homeless people get some sleep on cots we have set up. It is time for someone else’s shift and I am going to walk the walk of this post. I am going to risk hearing what I might need to change. I am going to take all that is said as a guide to progress in the coming year. I am going to ask my friend how I come off to others around me.

YIKES…it is so much easier to just say what “we” should do. It is more humbling and vulnerable to do it ourselves IRL (in real life). Wish me luck in hearing what is said to me in love so that I might grow.

And perhaps you will consider asking someone this weekend yourself.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Ozan Safak on Unsplash