How do you prove your faith?

I read a post tonight that asked the question: what are you doing to prove your faith to God?  Well I have an answer to that and it goes back to my post: Tonight’s Bible verse is about my “thorn”  2 Corinthians 12: 7- 10.

You see I also watched a Transformation Church sermon on Saving Faith. In it, Michael Todd lays out the process and things we go through. I got a word about my son when he was still in my womb. And I worry since it hasn’t come to pass and it looks in the natural that it might not. There are some more steps in the process but I am going to jump right to worship.

worship 1

Praising God and worshiping His holiness is an act of faith that– I will honor Him even when it doesn’t seem there is a way. Sometimes we are called to wait. I can do that. And if I keep my eyes and mind focused on God Almighty, keep faith in what He said…not in what I see, then I will have peace and joy. That is Faith.

Therefore, I am going to prove my faith by praising and honoring God- right now, when the results are yet to come.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash