Jesus is like a Ritz Cracker

~ To the spiritually dying: He literally can save their lives.

~ To those of us well fed: He is a treat we enjoy.

Before a relationship with Christ, I was spiritually dead inside. I made some bad, wrong, choices. I had broken relationships due to my behavior and words. I was empty and hopeless. There was this ache deep inside for something to fill me up, give me meaning in my life, help me to thrive inside not just look good and successful on the outside. I was starving. I sought out many ways to fill that hunger for more but nothing helped.

Enter Jesus.

Life began to change. He is the bread of life. He can and will sustain us. As the bread of life, let us remind ourselves of the Lord’s prayer: Give us this day (each day) our daily bread (our share of Jesus).

Lord give us our share of you on a daily basis. For those dying and on the wide path to hell, may you be a morsel for them in their time of starving spiritually.

Come fill us up that we may be full of your goodness. Sustain us Lord. As you fill us with your presence may we take you out into the world and offer the bread of life to those who need it most.

Thank you for meeting our daily needs.

Until Next Time~

Blessings, Kate