Our Relationship With God Depends on Our Outlook

Today are you thinking: “I’m doing pretty well in my Christian walk“? Are things running smooth?

You are attending online services, tithing, praying with your family at meals and/or before bedtime. You are living a pretty good life. You are not blatantly sinning, and when you catch yourself you ask for forgiveness (even if you can’t promise to repent and turn 180 degrees around right now).

Life is coming along smoothly in your walk with God.

But where is the “more”?

I guess it is ok to just coast with God…to get to a good place and just maintain it because it is nice.  But doesn’t your soul crave more?

~Do you witness God’s glory every single day?

~Are you blown away at God’s goodness on a frequent and consistent basis?

~Do you see things anew each day?

~Are your relationships growing with you in Christ and are they on fire spurring you onto greater and greater thirst quenching intimacy with the Father and the Son?

~Do you feel the Holy Spirit guide you in every decision of your life?

I believe this is the type of intimacy we are called to have with God. There is so much fullness He has to offer us. Our cry should be “God, I want more of you!That is probably the highest prayer we can pray after salvation.

Today, Do not settle for adequate and ok. Cry out for more, more of God, more of His presence in your life.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate