The Kingdom of Heaven is Here

Fabulous guest post! 5 minute read at most. The Kingdom of God is here. What do you believe and do you live it out?

Omnisye | Live with the Freedom God Intends for You

Do you believe what the Bible teaches or don’t you? Most people who claim the title of Christian would verbally speak an emphatic yes to that question, without giving it a second thought. But I’m asking you now to take a pause and reflect – do you REALLY believe what the Bible says?

Have you taken the time to actually read the Bible, or do you allow someone else (a pastor or otherwise) tell you what the Bible says? Perhaps you have a few verses in your back pocket to speak that you recite as part of your own identity with your faith?

If God asked you to give up everything you have worked your entire life for, and follow Him – would you really do it? Again, most Christians would probably follow that up with an emphatic yes. But is that REALLY the truth?

Here’s a quick gut check:

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