Faith for the unimaginable

If we submit to God, trust Him and allow Him to make a way, its done in a manner that far exceeds our knowledge and intellect.


This quote reminds me of a story we find in the Bible. 2 Kings chapter 4 tells the story of a widow who is facing a creditor that is not just coming after money but threatening to take her sons into slavery as payment.

All she has is a flask of oil in her house; nothing of value. How could she possibly make a payment worth the lives of her sons?

No amount of thinking and brainstorming would solve this. No listing of options.

She pleads to one of God’s prophets: Elisha– which was as close to getting God’s attention as one could hope for back then.

He resolves this by, out of nowhere, having her gather all the jars possible from neighbors and filling them with oil to sell. She was to keep pouring, from her one flask, until the oil ran out. Miraculously, the oil lasted and filled enough jars to pay off her debts with money left over to live on.

God took the little available and made a way through the most random unimaginable way.

We, too must have faith beyond reason. We must trust God to make a way and to work all things out for the eventual good for all concerned.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate