That power lives in you now

When you’re hanging on by a thread- make sure it is attached to His garment.

Keep reading The power of Jesus is so strong that back in His day a woman received healing just by touching His clothing. It was a good amount of power she received because Jesus felt it leave his body.

Think about it: all that power residing in His body — so much that it seeped out of His clothing when touched. Now realize that Jesus Himself lives in us through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. God is with us and in us. That same power, so strong it was contained even on his clothing, that same power is within you.

So when you are at your wits end– remember the Holy Spirit full of power and grace resides within you to bring about healing of many kinds.

I want to make a disclaimer here. Sometimes God chooses to physically or mentally heal people. But that is His option according to His will for the person’s life. I cannot promise everyone gets the type of healing they ask for because that just is not Biblical. Some will. Some won’t. But in either case God can and will heal us emotionally in our circumstances to allow us to better handle life with Him. We do that by plugging into the Holy Spirit.

Remember all power resides in you. Hang onto the Spirit to see you through.

Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate