Context, Context, Context

I have been thinking about how I use and interpret scripture.  I have been listening to a YouTube personality Chris Rosebrough. His channel is called Fighting For the Faith. The description reads: Fighting for the Faith compares what popular pastors, preachers, teachers, conference speakers, self-proclaimed prophets and prophetesses and self-appointed apostles and apostles say to the word of God.

His big thing is to ALWAYS look at a reliable translation and put everything into the original context. This way we do not read into the text what it was never meant to say. That can make good sermons but doesn’t make one true.

I have been thinking about my own use of scripture.

I pull verses out of the Bible and out of the original context. Am I doing it to create something I want the scripture to say? Or am I using the verse(s) to back up a principle seen throughout all scripture?

Listening to Chris has opened my eyes and ears. I now listen to understand if what I hear is just tickling my ears and giving me what I want to hear from something that never was meant to say that specifically.

The struggle comes in when I also believe that scripture has application for today and for the individual…yet, maybe not as narcissistic-ly as some preachers would have us believe.

This is really getting me to look at what I know to be true and what I have let slip in because it sounded good but is inaccurate. As we should, I am weighing all that I hear and taking it back to scripture myself.

I am definitely in a season of growth within my walk.

Hopefully I will have a regular post up for tomorrow. I know it has been a few weeks.

Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate