Your past is covered. Really!

I had a vision last night.Okay it might have been more of a picture that represents a truth of the gospel.

For whatever reason, as I meditated last night, I suddenly saw a picture of Jesus as He poured white paint over ALL of my past. I was standing on a timeline. The paint poured right behind me and went slowly all the way back to my birth on this chart.

Everything was covered in this thick white paint. All the people, places, situations. All my decisions good and bad– covered. It was all covered. All gone.

It was the first time I actually comprehended that everything in our past is forgiven through Jesus. Being able to still picture the past has contributed to me holding on to shame, guilt and regret. But when I couldn’t see it anymore I felt total freedom. It is a fresh start.

Even though I am a saved Christian, there are thoughts that frequently bring to mind pictures of the past where I just cringe. Things I can’t erase but dearly wish had not occurred. These pictures can drop my mood. I am not very good at shaking it off and just saying “that has been forgiven.” I still have had the regrets and the cringing.

As someone with a checkered past (shall we say)…someone who went through the school of hard knocks– (many classes taken by choice)… Sometimes I feel I have wasted my entire past.

There are good times, don’t get me wrong. I did make some good decisions too. But when the enemy brings to mind several regrets I start to overgeneralize that all of it was bad…or at least enough to color my whole perception.

Today, maybe you have a regret you just can’t let go of. Maybe there is more than one regret and your perception of how you have lived is misconstrued in darkness.

This is just where the enemy wants us to be. He will us anything to bring us down. He wants us angry. He wants us depressed. He wants us filled with regret and hopelessness. He wants us to feel like we are unworthy of forgiveness and love from God.

We need to speak life into our lives. Life is found in Jesus Christ. Life is found in the Holy Scriptures. We can grab onto the truth and repeat it. We can do what occurred with me last night- visualize the truth of the gospel. We are covered and forgiven. We have been set free.

Let it go! Cover it up- better yet, let Jesus cover it up so you believe it.

Release your cares, concerns, regrets. Confess that which doesn’t align with the Word of God. Ask genuinely for forgiveness and a resurge of confidence in your Salvation.

You are free! You really are! Let it go!Until Next Time~ Blessings, Kate