Depressed? Here is something to read…

Pop psychology helps us only as long as it it before our eyes or in our ears. It is great to say “I am a beast” , “I am crushing it”,  “I am having a great day”.  But there are days we just do not and cannot believe it.

Here are some blogs that help with depression when it is not super bad.

These actually help me and give me a little strength during the tough times And I do access a better feeling that I can believe in and own. Not because of the posts…but because they re-focused me onto God who has all power to pull me through and grant me healing,

Feel free to read one now, maybe bookmark the page to reference or read more later.

When Life Gets Tough- How Do We Respond?

Think on This When Life is Tough

Christians, we can be thankful even when things do not go our way.

Keep this for when you want to quit

How to Get Through Tough Situations

And finally for EVERYONE: Encouraging Christian Quotes about Life and God

Depression is not to be taken lightly. If you sink low– seek professional help. Do NOT go it alone.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate