Judgement: a waste of time 1/3

This is a reblog from The Daily Addict. I love the part about David Hawkins explaining why we shouldn’t judge.

The daily addict

I believe that I only have a certain amount of time on this planet in this physical body. So when I figure something out and realize it is actually wasting my time…I am compelled to change it.

Now judgement. I know in my heart that it really is not my place not to judge anybody. Spiritually and in the realm of kindness I get it.

However today…one of the lessons that logically told me it is a waste of time came through.

He went on to explain that we have no way of knowing the infinite number of events that have occurred to bring even a spec of dust to this moment in time. Never mind the events that have occurred in one persons lifeor life times.

I get it! I have no idea where anybody is truly coming from. I have no idea what anybody has…

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