Guest Post: Believing with all your might

Sitting around thinking about what you wish for is not enough. Thinking you want to be rich will not put dollars in your bank account. When you really believe something you will act in accordance with it. I haven’t had a guest post in a while, and I know this is the second time I’ve…

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Surprised by God’s Angel of Mercy

Originally posted on A Pastor's Heart:
I was about as poor as I ever want to be the winter I was going through a divorce.   We had  a propane gas tank that needed to be refilled regularly.   I was at that point where I was almost eligible for the maximum amount I could get…

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Our True Colors?

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
I love to see the leaves change color in autumn, don’t you? Except that it’s a myth. Leaves don’t change color. My wife and I often walk in the woods. We’re blessed to live near Mount Airy Forest in Cincinnati, the oldest “urban forest” in the U.S., and what we’ve learned (as transplants from Southern California) is that those shimmery yellows, oranger-than-a-pumpkin…

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How Will You Plan Your Days

I sometimes reblog whole posts.. But here are a few questions to honestly think about. This material is a quote from Brenda at The full article can be found here: “If you knew your last day on earth would be December 31st what will you choose to do differently?   Will you choose to make the next…

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A Little Favor

Originally posted on RabBits:
The last thing I wanted was a diversion.  It’d been a long day. Sure enough, diversion. As I drove out, he was walking the opposite direction into a cold, 20 mph wind with light drizzling rain. “Stop. Turn around and give him a ride” was the quiet, still message inside. My…

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Here is a prayer and an article to start your day.

“Heavenly Father, thank You for Your promises to those who are a
part of Your spiritual family. Thank You for how You can enrich my
knowledge and words so that I can effectively serve You. Help me to
use my knowledge and words to encourage others, tell them of how I
have been blessed, and point them to Your Son, Jesus. Remind me to
assess my attitudes and words often and determine if they have gotten
worse, remained the same, or improved as a result of my increased
knowledge of Your Word.”

Now read the article it came from right here:


Guest Post by Don Woodruff….one of my favorite devotional writers.


Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
Did you know that Halloween has served as the occasion for many historical events? 1517. On October 31 a soon-to-be-ex-priest named Martin Luther launched (cue “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”) the Protestant Reformation. In 1636, just in time for All Hallows Eve, a little seminary for poor ministers called the New College…

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